Discussing the future of mental health at the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE meeting in Paris – from right to left:
Dr Lesa S Wright (twynbrain), Prof. John Fox (Deontics/ OpenClinical), Dr. David Benrimoh (aifred health) and Mike Beer (mindcoa.ch)

mindcoa.ch launches BETA program

mindcoa.ch accepts applications for the free beta-program. Individuals who want to test psychological online-help
based on artificial intelligence are invited to register here.

mindcoa.ch nimmt ab sofort Anmeldungen für das kostenfreie Beta-Programm entgegen. Einzelpersonen, die psychologische Online-Hilfe mit künstlicher
Intelligenz testen wollen, sind herzlich eingeladen, sich hier zu registrieren.

IBM Watson Build Contest

mindcoa.ch is among the European finalists of the IBM Watson Build Contest. “We congratulate mindcoa.ch for presenting a strong business plan centered around IBM Cloud and Watson and progressing to the next round of the challenge. We look forward to supporting mindcoa.ch as it works on a prototype for psychological online help, with the goal of bringing it to our joint clients.”
John Teltsch, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners