mindcoa.ch provides virtual coaches, based on cognitive technology and on newest psychological research. We have created an integrated mobile health platform, enabling a wide range of apps – for status analysis, guidance through an improvement process and ongoing reflection.

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One of the largest global problems is maintaining mental health, causing an economic burden of more than 2 trillion US$. According to current studies nearly everyone has to deal with this problem once in the lifetime. Unfortunately only a small fraction of people needing psychological assistance get access – and when they do it is often years too late. Using our own approach and IBM Watson technology we provide access to a mental support system that is available 24/7 via PC or smartphone, focusing on prevention of mental disorders and on personal growth.


Discussing the future of mental health at the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE meeting in Paris – from right to left: Dr Lesa S Wright (twynbrain), Prof. John Fox (Deontics/ OpenClinical), Dr. David Benrimoh (aifred health) and Mike Beer (mindcoa.ch)

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